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The Concept Behind Extreme Programming Methodology

The world has evolved a lot over the past couple of decades. The invention and overwhelming popularity of the Internet has pushed a lot of industries to make changes in the way they conduct business. There are very few "cookie cutter" business models anymore that don't have special needs. Many of the main issues surround the need for software that is tailored to handle the specific needs of a business.

This has led to the development of the Extreme Programming Methodology. This style was developed because generic programming was not satisfying the needs of the average business owner anymore. Extreme Programming was created by Kent Beck while he was working on the Chrysler Comprehensive Compensation System (C3) payroll project in the 1990s. He edited a number of books on XP, including "Extreme Programming Explained.

Traditional styles of software programming have been around for quite some time and have done a fairly decent job. The major supporters of Extreme Programming Methodology push the idea that this type of programming is more responsive to the needs of customers. They describe the system as more agile and of better quality. One of the main differences between traditional and extreme methods is the adaptability of extreme methods.

Traditional programming sets out certain parameters before starting a project and must be followed until completion. Extreme Programming Methodology was created with the ability to change parameters as special needs developed.

Individuals that do not support Extreme Programming Methodology claim that this type of programming is unstable and prone to more user conflicts. They claim the main reason is because the concept is not based on a specific design or platform. They claim that the lack of overall design will continue to create problems since there are no tested guidelines that are followed.

There are several notable plus sides to this method that are often ignored by individuals that prefer the traditional methods. Extreme Programming Methodology is meant to accept change which can be quite costly with traditional programming. A system that has all of its requirements in place from the beginning and then needs to make a change down the road is going to take quite a financial hit.

This is because programs based on traditional programming are unable to be switched over easily. Many software systems that are developed need to go through several changes before they are finished. This is such a common occurrence that Extreme Programming Methodology has been found to be truly invaluable.


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